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Material Safety

We can’t overstate the importance of safety when setting up and working in a prototyping environment.

For example, the Autodesk Technology Centers have an in-house environmental health and safety (EHS) manager, and before any group brings materials on-site, they have to obtain and submit the safety data sheet (SDS) for approval.

It is important to have very tight controls on:

  • What is brought into the space
  • Whether or not it’s hazardous
  • Necessary handling precautions
  • What fumes or particulates can result from the different processes
  • Safe disposal of waste material

Beyond those controls, work to ensure there is enough space around the equipment, fire extinguishers are accessible, and first aid kits are in place.

At DATRON, we take safety one step further and have fully interlocked machines so users can’t run the machines without the cabin door closed and locked.

Having the right people to enforce safety precautions and training to use the safety equipment is crucial.

Safety Training

Regardless of how safe a machine is, it’s important to teach users how to operate the equipment safely. The Autodesk Technology Centers provide trainings in a tiered process; the first training is online and covers general shop specifics like what PPE to wear. An online training platform is used to ensure that everyone has gone through the required trainings and understands the fundamentals.

Then, once a resident comes into the space, they participate in an onsite safety orientation with the EHS manager. They walk through the shops, talk about every piece of equipment, and identify the hazards of each.

Create the safest working environment possible so users can focus on what they want to achieve.

Why Bring Rapid Prototyping In-House?

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DATRON Dynamics

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