Job Shops

Tackle The Difficult Jobs That Can Be Challenging On Traditional VMCs

Do you machine complex, intricate, and tight tolerance parts? It can be difficult to stay competitive while doing everything well. Heavy CNC machines are great for doing jobs requiring large tooling in hard materials, like steel. But machining precision, intricate, or detailed parts can be challenging and slow with the same equipment.

Job Shops Are Tasked with a Variety of Applications, from Many Industries, in a Wide Range of Materials

Expand your capabilities and be more competitive on those detailed jobs using small tools with a DATRON CNC machine. Utilize the generous working area for larger parts or automate by nesting smaller parts on our vacuum table system from a single sheet. Reduce costs by taking up half the floor space, using a simple workflow with a lighter weight, agile system that’s perfect for job shops.

“The vacuum table combined with the machines integrated probe makes it so easy to setup a job – it’s faster and takes out the element of human error. All of this equates to more efficiency, higher quality, less waste and ultimately cost reductions.”

Bill Rogers – Ellis & Ellis Signs

Make Parts Faster and Stop Turning Down Those Jobs

Complement your existing capabilities with a precision German-engineered, high-speed machining system that is designed for detailed parts in aluminum and other non-ferrous materials and stop turning away work.

  • HSK-E 25 tool holders offer 1 micron run out, providing great precision
  • Fast material removal rates with high-speed spindles up to 60,000 RPM
  • Optimal weight to rigidity ratio to absorb vibrations, producing excellent finishes

“ Making a jewelry prototype or master model went from a week (7,200 minutes) to 15 minutes. Even a 30-minute cut, this is a 4,000% improvement. The DATRON neo is 240 times faster than our previous process. And we are completing the process within our own facility.”

Phil Montalto – R&D Manufacturing


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