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Streamline Your Machining Process

Every second counts in manufacturing, so DATRON engineers looked at the big picture to design a faster, easier, and more accurate workflow. It goes beyond just offering high-speed milling machines; DATRON’s workholding, CNC tools, and control software are all designed for a quicker workflow.

Install Faster

DATRON machines come fully assembled.

Simply remove the machine with a forklift from the wood crate and place it in its final location. Depending on the machine, they are powered either by a standard 240-volt single-phase or by a three-phase transformer that can be pre-installed by your electrician (DATRON can supply in front of machine delivery). Due to the weight of the machines, they do not require any floor preparation or modifications. Clean, dry 100 psi shop air is all that is needed.

Integrate Faster

DATRON machines are designed to integrate easily into your current manufacturing workflow.

Our engineering team works closely with you to ensure your machine is prepped and ready to go once installed. Our machines can come turn-key with work holding already mounted in place, along with a starter set of cutting tools, allowing you to cut parts on your first day. Automation options such as I/O connections, REST API, TCP/IP, and other robotic or palletizing interfaces easily integrate the machine into your automation environment. We can also provide solid models of our equipment to assist you with any custom production integration.

Set Up Faster

Save time by setting up your job faster using the DATRON system.

DATRON’s next Control Software takes you from CAM to running parts without the hassle of a traditional setup. The touchscreen interface has automated features that quickly help you find your part zero origin.

An integrated camera projects a magnified image of your workpiece onto the control, allowing you to draw on the touch screen. The integrated touch probe will then enable you to locate your part precisely in seconds. Unique work-holding solutions such as integrated vacuum tables or pneumatic clamping vices will secure your part in seconds. All these features mean you can go from job to job in just a few minutes.

Mill Faster

The high-speed spindles, with ranges from 34,000 rpm to 60,000 rpm, allow you to machine through the material at much faster feed rates, reducing your cycle times.

DATRON has created a line of optimized specialty tools that leverage the spindles’ speed. The oilless coolant system sprays a high-pressure mist of Ethanol, keeping the tools cool and operating at an ultra-high efficiency. Machine construction and servo motors are designed for faster acceleration and deceleration than heavy, more massively constructed conventional machine tools. All these combined can reduce your cycle times by as much as 400% in some cases.

Finish Faster

With conventional machining systems, more work is needed, such as cleaning and deburring, once the part is machined. Not with DATRON.

Your parts come off surgically clean, with clean edges that are ready to ship. Our machines use a mist coolant that evaporates and leaves no oily residue, so your parts are clean and ready for any coatings. The high-speed spindle in combination with our micro grain tooling leaves parts nearly 100% burr-free. No secondary operations are required to remove burred edges that cost you more time and labor. In most cases, the operator takes parts directly off the machine and packs them up to ship.

Service Faster

At DATRON, we understand how important keeping your machine running and producing parts is.

Our U.S.-based service team is ready to support you with a direct line that a real person answers. Onboard diagnostics and remote maintenance capabilities help us troubleshoot any issue quickly. We also have a local inventory of plug n’ play parts that can be shipped out the next day. Often, the customer can swap parts out without a service representative coming onsite, saving you time and money. Our scheduled Preventative Maintenance programs help you stay ahead of issues and keep your investment performing properly, minimizing any disruptive downtime.

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Our DATRON experts help many customers bring manufacturing in-house. Reach out to our team to see which machine and accessories are the right fit for your parts.

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DATRON Dynamics

Limited Time Only 4.99%

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