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In a world where manufacturers must constantly reinvent themselves to stay competitive, there is an emerging trend in the mold-making business. Traditionally, steel molds could produce millions of high-volume parts...
a cnc machinist on a machine demonstrating what a cnc machinist is
What is a CNC machinist? What does a CNC machinist do? These fundamental questions lie at the core of understanding one of the most crucial roles in modern manufacturing. In...
a machined part demonstrating what a 5 acis cnc machine is
At the front of machining technology stands the 5-axis CNC machine. This machine is the pinnacle of engineering ingenuity that has revolutionized the machining industry. In this comprehensive guide, we...

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Aftermarket Motorcycle Part Manufacturer Transforms His Business Brad Wood was at a point in his career when he wanted to start his own business but wasn’t sure what he would...
Autodesk and DATRON – Adapting to the Changing Workforce It can be challenging for a research and design company, a company with limited fabricating experience or a start-up to implement...
In-House Prototyping Transforms PQ Controls’ Production Originally making junction boxes for fire trucks, PQ Controls has been in the electronics industry since 1973. The Connecticut-based company has since diversified into...

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Vacuum Tables Can Revolutionize Your Production Capabilities If you are leery about vacuum tables or have had a bad experience with using them, you need to read this article. Often...
Researching and qualifying the right piece of CNC equipment to meet your manufacturing needs can be arduous and stressful. Once you have found the technology you determined will accomplish the...
The pantograph is a manually operated machine that removes material using a rotating tool or diamond scribe. The tool is connected by levers to a stylus that is moved manually...


The Making Things eBook is both the case study and a reflection on that journey. We spoke to members of the Autodesk Technology Centers team to gain insights on why—and how—to set up in-house prototyping.

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