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Name Plate Engraving Methods and Techniques for Optimized Efficiency and Quality

The pantograph is a manually operated machine that removes material using a rotating tool or diamond scribe. The tool is connected by levers to a stylus that is moved manually by the operator. The operator uses the stylus to trace a template of each letter. Because the tool follows the motion of the stylus, each letter must be precisely positioned to reflect the actual layout of the work.

While pantographs are still used widely to engrave small plates at shopping mall stores like Things Remembered, they are generally considered an inefficient and outdated technology for industrial or 3D engraving. This is because the process requires and operator who is tied to the machine for the duration of the process. Not only is this costly in terms of labor, but the quality of the end product is dependent upon the skill and experience of an individual operator and may vary from shift to shift or part to part.

“Automatic Tool Management provides a reduction in cost by enabling unattended or lights-out production. CNC machines that deliver all of these features provide manufacturers of ID Products, Nameplates and signage with a means to revolutionize their business.”

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DATRON Dynamics

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