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Supporting Industry Success for Over 50 Years

Industries That Have High Customer Expectations and Demands Need Equipment That Supports Them

For the last 50 years, companies with high expectations and even higher customer demands have trusted thousands of DATRONS to get the job done. Coupled with our world-class U.S.-based support team, DATRON customers optimize their workflows, dramatically improve speed, and produce higher-quality parts with superior surface finishes, when employing our high-speed technology. Some of those industries include: 

Aerospace and Defense

From ejector seats and illuminated instrumentation in fighter jets, to Military & Police (M&P) firearms, DATRON machines have made just about everything. We can’t always talk about it, but some of the biggest brands in aerospace and defense rely on the accuracy and industrial durability of DATRON.

Industrial Manufacturing

Through multiple shifts and thousands of hours of operation, DATRON machines quickly, steadily, and reliably produce all manner of industrial parts. In industrial environments, you know how priceless that kind of dependability is. In fact, the 1st DATRON sold in North America over 20 years ago is still in operation with the original company who purchased it.

Industrial and Consumer Electronics

From tablets to gaming systems and antennas to microwave parts, engineers, makers, inventors and innovators rely on DATRON to produce everything from prototype to production-ready parts. Coupled with the award-winning tablet-based front-end, makers of nearly every kind of industrial or consumer device are able to make the parts they need in minutes. 

Job Shops

Heavy CNC machines are great for doing jobs requiring large tooling in hard materials, like steel. But machining precision, intricate, or detailed parts can be challenging and slow with the same equipment. Learn how you can expand your capabilities, reduce cost, and simplify your workflow. 

Medical Devices

For us, this is where it all began. Whether you’re milling tiny printed circuit boards (PCB) for pacemakers, acrylic for microfluidics plates, titanium implants, aluminum test tube holders, or blister-packs for pharmaceuticals, the proprietary DATRON workflow and machining system can help you produce your components faster—and cleaner—than any other machine. 

Questions About DATRON CNC Milling Machines?

DATRON machines dramatically reduce almost every aspect of your machining workflow. If you have questions regarding DATRON CNC Milling Machines, tooling, accessories, or more, please contact us. 

For inquiries outside the US, Canada, or Mexico please contact


During the Covid-19 outbreak, DATRON remains open for business and is able to ship product,
support and service to our customers.