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Chip Management

Proper chip management is critical to successful high-speed machining of a part, prolonged tool life, and overall well-being and maintenance of your machine tool investment. Achieve this by selecting the right cutting tools, using the proper machining parameters, and managing the debris created. Evacuating and removing the debris is particularly important when machining abrasive materials. DATRON has several solutions to support proper chip management.

Coolant System

For the machining of materials, DATRON offers a minimum quantity lubricant system (MQL) that uses a high-pressure mist of lubricants to cool the cutting tool. You can use a small amount of coolant; depending on what coolant you use, it can be oil-free and evaporate clean. Eliminate the need for expensive flood coolant systems and the continuous effort and cost of maintaining them. Using an oilless coolant also has the added benefit of having surgically clean parts coming off your machine. No degreasing is required, which reduces costs, creates a cleaner machine environment, and facilitates a creative work-holding environment for systems such as our vacuum tables—no more paying those exorbitant disposal fees on used flood coolant. The MQL system comes in various tank sizes and nozzle options to meet your machining needs.

We Have Virtually Eliminated Cleanup

With the DATRON we have virtually eliminated cleanup because the coolant simply evaporates leaving clean parts that don’t need to be degreased.

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Clean Cut and Dust Extraction

DATRON’s offer a wide variety of extraction and collection systems for dust and debris. With the DATRON CleanCut System, chips or slugs can be removed very efficiently. Nearly chip-free working is possible due to this vacuum technology developed especially for the machining sheet material and flat stock. Other systems are available such as the Granite Vortex and a brush head that fits around the spindle to keep dust and debris isolated for removal. 

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Chip Conveyors

The DATRON machines come standard with a chip collection system beneath the machine table. The chips naturally fall or can be swept off the table surface into a container below. In the case of the M8Cube and MLCube machines, a removable wheeled cart can be pushed over to your disposal or chip recycling containers.

In cases with high material removal rate applications or high-volume production that produces a lot of chips over a production week, DATRON offers several automated solutions with chip conveyors

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Ion Spray Gun

The ion spray gun blows ionized compressed air. This discharges electrostatically charged chips that adhere to the machine after processing plastics or other materials. The chips are hit by the ionized air discharge and fall to the floor, reducing maintenance costs by saving the time required for cleaning the workpieces and machine walls.

The ion spray gun can be retrofitted to any machine; all that is required is a compressed air supply and a 230-volt, single-phase connection.

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