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DATRON CNC automation systems help you reduce costs and cycle time, improve part quality, and keep employees safe. They allow you to produce parts over multiple shifts, reduce setup time, and eliminate operator fatigue, so your employees can produce more consistent quality parts or focus on other valued-added jobs.

DATRON’s automation portfolio includes solutions like automatic front and side doors, robotic integrations, tool management systems, automated dust extraction and lubrication systems, probe, camera and sensors, and hardware/software interface apps that connect through DATRON’s next control software.

Turn Key Automation Solutions Increase Your Competitive Edge

DATRON machines easily accommodate automation systems providing a turn-key solution for your application. Automation Systems Robotic (FANUC) arms, pallet changers, and pick & place systems. A variety of automation systems, both DATRON branded and 3rd party, can be integrated onto a DATRON machine to provide a custom turn-key solution to meet your needs.

For more than 25 years, DATRON Dynamics has been working with companies just like yours to streamline their process with innovative technology. From our initial workflow consultation, to providing you with the right DATRON solutions for your needs, our goal is to help you become more competitive and more profitable. We will configure a custom automation system that will improve your production efficiency; helping you reduce labor while making parts better, faster, and smarter than ever before. Automation options to consider include:

  • Add a robot for higher volume parts.
  • Secure larger sheet material and nesting a series of parts.
  • Automate workflow with cameras, probing and automatic doors.
  • Install an integrated pick and place system for smaller parts controlled within the machine software.

Robotic Integration

Automating your machining workflow with robotic systems ensures consistent performance and increased output, while reducing setup time and errors. Whether you need a collaborative robot or a robot cell, DATRON next© control software integrates with both simple and complex automation systems.

You can easily create custom I/O commands with the next© control to meet your manufacturing needs. The digital I/O module is installed in the machine control cabinet and connects external hardware, like automatic clamping elements, to the interior of a DATRON machine.

The DATRON Automation Module connects external hardware, like a robot, to a DATRON machine that’s outfitted with the DATRON next control software. The module facilitates communication between the external system and the DATRON via digital inputs and outputs. It contains the safety system and coupling module for the input and output signals and has a separate power unit. It also handles automatic opening and closing of the machine or external system enclosures.

Automatic Doors

To enable fast loading and unloading, DATRON offers automatic front and side doors. This automation integration option requires a connection to external modules. The front and side doors are available for the DATRON M8Cube, MLCube, and MXCube. The automatic side doors are to be used only for automatic loading, the automatic front doors can be used for both manual and automatic loading. The pneumatic lift gate is controlled by a hand-held device or through programmed macros.


The DATRON Pick-and-Place is a pneumatic automation system that is easy to maintain and operate. Just one program is required to perform both the automation and machining process. The accessory is mounted on the Z-axis and uses grippers to pick up and put down parts. This system is well-suited for small part applications that need integrated automation and unattended production runs.

Tool Assist and Automatic Tool Changer

ToolAssist is a tool changer with a magazine that holds up to 143 tools allowing for a great variety/tool selection. This accessory prepares the next tool needed from your program without interrupting the machining; it can replace up to 5 tools simultaneously. ToolAssist is mounted externally to the machine to increase your machining area and provide extra protection for the tools from chips and debris. The added machining area also improves accessibility, especially when performing automated processes such as loading and unloading parts by robots.

You can also choose to include a DATRON automatic tool changer system. DATRON has both rotary and rack-style tool changers depending on machine model. Based on spindle selection direct-shank and HSK tool holding systems are available. Included with the tool change unit is a tool length sensor. This is used to measure the length or offset of each tool in the magazine and the data is stored in the control software. Tool Assist is available only on the M8Cube, MLCube and MxCube models.

Very Efficient

Running multiple parts on a sheet was completely new to us. What this does is give you the ability to keep your number of tool changes down over a 200-piece run. Reducing the number of tool changes has a huge impact on cycle time and this is a big difference between the DATRON and our VMC’s.

Paul Strippelhoff, President, Carbide Products

A Very Valuable Tool

Before DATRON, we were outsourcing our CNC work. 1 part cost us $8.00 and the vendor made 10 pieces per hour. Now, our DATRON makes 60 parts per hour, can run unattended at night, and only takes 5 minutes to change for the next batch. That part price has dropped to 50 cents!

Jerry Zagury – Dental Laboratory Group

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