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Training and Engineering Support

It is critical that you are fully trained and supported to leverage the power and capabilities of your machine investment fully.

Depending on your requirements and budget, DATRON offers many commissioning, training, and support options. Whether it is after-hours for second-shift operators or multiple team members who have no experience with CNC machining and need training, we can tailor our training and support to meet your exact needs.

Long after your equipment is implemented, we will have application engineers available by phone or videoconferencing to answer any quick application needs. We understand that you are purchasing a machine and a partnership. This support attitude ties to our core values and vision statement, “We make it easy.”

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Explore our Training and Engineering Support Options

Onsite Commissioning

If you are an existing customer or do not require operational training, we can commission your equipment to ensure it is installed, tested, calibrated, and functioning properly. We recommend this for any new equipment purchase, including used equipment purchased from a third party.

Onsite Commissioning with Basic Training

If this is your first DATRON machine, but you are very familiar with CNC machining and need basic training, this program is perfect for you. A Commissioning Technician will properly install, test, and calibrate your system and give a basic operational overview of your machine. Onsite commissioning with basic training can be completed in one or two days.

Offsite Operator and Maintenance Training

Our facility offers operator and maintenance training to save you on support costs. We have on-the-machine training at our Training Facilities in Milford, New Hampshire, and Livermore, California. This is an excellent option if you already have a commissioned machine but a new operator. We also offer advanced maintenance training, reducing future costs by not having a qualified service technician visit your facility to perform the work.

Onsite Training and Application Support

Whether you have limited CNC machining experience or want extra support during the machine implementation, we offer an onsite application support training option. In addition to commissioning your equipment and basic operational training, we will dive deeper into your application needs and share our expertise with your machine operator. Often, you will be machining production parts by the end of the training. Onsite training and application support can typically be completed in 3- 4 days.

Advanced Application Training

In some cases, applications can be very involved and complicated. In these cases, we can send you our most senior and experienced Application Engineers on site to support your complex needs. We can assist you with training, programming, and even help integrate your machining system into a production cell environment. Including the completion of work before receiving your machine to help expedite the implementation of your machine may be needed. Depending on the complexity, it may also include multiple visits to your facility.

Turnkey Custom Programming

If you just need one part programmed for your machine and don’t want to get involved with purchasing CAM software, we can support you. You might also be faced with machining a part that is out of your expertise, or you do not have the correct software to produce the part. At DATRON, we have all types of CAM software and various application-specific experience to support almost any situation.

Turnkey Work Holding and Programming

If you have a time-sensitive requirement that requires your machining system to hit the floor and produce parts within hours after the commissioning, we can support this demand. We can engineer, construct any custom work holding, and program the parts to meet your exact needs prior to delivery. This program can also involve DATRON machining your parts to measure, test, and qualify before your machine installation. This can be a significant advantage for implementations that require immediate production upon delivery.

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