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Education & Makerspaces

Educational Institutions and Maker Spaces have unique needs compared to your traditional manufacturing environment.

These systems need to be easy for users with little to no experience with CNC equipment. They require a high level of safety and protection for their operators due to their lack of experience operating this type of equipment. They also must be compact and fit through standard doorways and freight elevators, as most implementations are limited in space and not a typical factory floor environment. Often, hobby or desktop machines won’t suffice because they are inaccurate and too lightweight. DATRON is the answer to all these needs and concerns.

A Friendly and Unintimidating Machine Tool

The app-driven touchscreen control is an intuitive interface that allows most novices or students unfamiliar with CNC to operate the equipment quickly and confidently. The surprisingly quiet machines are equipped with interlock switches on the machine enclosure, locking out operators from entering the workspace during machining. Many sensors on the machine help protect the equipment, including protected areas that would inhibit the cutting tool from entering a region, such as work holding. The compact size and reduced weight permit the equipment to be installed in almost any environment, including a lab or classroom. The oilless coolant helps keep the surrounding environment clean, standard shop air, and single-phase power is all you need to get going. The DATRON is simply a friendly and unintimidating machine tool.

Produce Parts in Your Maker Space or Lab Like:

  • Metal prototypes
  • Microfluids or Lab on Chip
  • Aerospace structures
  • Electro-mechanical parts
  • Thermal management and cooling plates
  • PCB boards production and reworking
  • Cavity molds and patterns

Streamline Your Machining Process

DATRON CNC machines and high-speed spindles will increase your feed rates and reduce faster cycle times. The machines and software are optimized so that the entire machining process or workflow is fast and efficient saving you time and money.

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DATRON Dynamics

Limited Time Only 4.99%

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