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Made for Speed, Quality, and Longer Life

Machinists and Engineers are Always Under Pressure to Save Time and Reduce Costs While Maintaining High Quality

Using the right tool for the job can increase throughput and improve results. If you’re machining at 15,000 RPM or above, tools designed specifically for high-speed machining are simply more efficient and cost-effective. DATRON is the only German machine builder to design and manufacture their own line of balanced CNC cutting tools for high-speed machining. DATRON high-speed CNC cutting tools are made with a proprietary, multi-stage process that provides highly polished, sharper edges for burr-free machining and superior finishes, and their patented single flute geometries reduce cycle times and save you money.


Our online tool store lets you search for DATRON tools based on machining operations and/or tool type. You can easily filter results by cutting depth, reach, radius, flute count, and more. Whether you are looking for end mills, face mills, countersink & chamfer mills, engravers, thread mills, drills, external radius mills, vacuum cards, or other CNC tool accessories – we’ve got you covered.


DATRON’s innovative line of high rpm single flute tooling has my small shop punching above its weight, and DATRON Dynamics’ online tooling store makes it easier than ever to purchase exactly the right tool I need for a given job.

Ed Kramer – Owner, EFK3 Ventures LLC

I highly recommend DATRON tooling

especially when tool performance and product finish are important. In addition to the actual tools, everyone in the organization is top-notch and extremely helpful.

Jeff Langendoerfer – Owner, Langendoerfer Designwerks

Cut Above The Rest

DATRON Dynamics offers a complete line of DATRON’s universally compatible high-speed milling tools to help you cut better and faster than your competition.

  • Longer tool life.
  • Reduced cycle time.
  • Better quality cut & surface finish.
  • Compatible with most CNC Machines.
  • Free ground shipping on U.S. tool orders.

Single Flute End Mills

Single Flute End Mills provide superior chip evacuation for high-volume material removal, which allows for higher feed rates and shorter cycle times. These tools are available with various cutting lengths and shank diameters.

Vacuum Cards

DATRON’s Vacuum Cards serve as a sacrificial layer during machining operations on DATRON vacuum tables. They ensure uniform holding force even when machining into the sacrificial layer by minimizing vacuum losses.

Monoblock Cutting Tools

The DATRON HSK-E 25 Monoblock Tool gives you the flexibility for face milling, roughing, finishing, and contouring. Plus, replaceable carbide cutting inserts are available for a variety of materials.

Micro Toothed End Mills

Micro Toothed End Mills are ideal for abrasive materials like composites or engineered plastics. CRP, GRP, or printed circuit board material can be reliably machined at low cost with the micro-toothed end mills from DATRON.

Acrylic Cutting Tools

DATRON acrylic cutting tools are a cost-effective alternative to diamond-tipped polishing end mills. The new series of polished milling tools help you achieve highly transparent milling results at a remarkably low cost.

Radius End Mills

DATRON radius end mills feature extremely sharp cutting edges for exceptional results on radius cuts with no post-processing required. Get high-quality radius cuts with an exceptional edge finish.

Foam Cutting Tools

The DATRON foam mill series, with specially developed DATRON shank mills and countersinks models, achieve uniquely precise results when milling PU foams. Say goodbye to wire, water jet and laser cutting.

Engraving and Counter Sinks

DATRON micro-grain solid carbide engraving tools are available in various shank sizes and degrees of tip sharpness. Perfect for engraving, deburring and chamfering. Spring-mounted cutting diamond for jewelry engraving.

Double Flute End Mills

DATRON radius end mills feature extremely sharp cutting edges for exceptional results on radius cuts with no post-processing required. Get high-quality radius cuts with an exceptional edge finish.

Dental Milling Tools

For Zirconium Oxide, CrCo, Titanium, Nanocomposite, PMMA, or Wax. DATRON offers the optimum milling tools for the dental materials you intend to machine. Highest surface quality and long tool life are guaranteed.

Multi Flute End Mills

Whether with three, four, six, eight, or twelve cutting edges – all DATRON multi-flute tools are developed for steel machining, have a stable cutting geometry and heavy-duty coatings.

Tool Coatings

DATRON’s specialty coatings provide an improved hardness enabling faster feed rates, and a smoother surface finish. These coatings allow for optimized tool wear and increased continuous production times.

Drills and Thread Mills

DATRON’s innovative thread mill performs core hole drilling and thread milling with only one tool…in a single work step. These cutting tools deliver reliable drilling from a diameter of 0.1mm and thread milling in a flash from M1.0.