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Improve the quality and reduce the production costs of your industrial engraving process.
For mechanical engraving, you have to choose between a heavy CNC machine that is slow and has lengthy cycle times and a tabletop machine that is too light and has poor surface finishes. DATRON machines offer the best of both worlds with the rigidity of a heavy machine combined with the agility and speed of a tabletop engraver. Whether you are currently engraving on a CNC machine, acid etching, using a pantograph, or outsourcing, DATRON is the ideal solution for your industrial engraving needs.

Install A DATRON To Your Production Floor and Be Producing Parts Within Hours

Integrating a DATRON into your process is simple because our machines work with the leading CAD/CAM software packages. The easy-to-use touchscreen display and control software makes the learning curve very short. Vacuum table systems and the X,Y, and Z measuring probes allow you to set up and run a job within minutes. Run multiple jobs during the evening hours utilizing the large working area of 30” x 40”. Software features like automatically checking for broken tools and replacing them with a duplicate tool during evening hour production runs ensure your job will be completed and done right when you arrive in the morning.

A 4,000% Improvement

Making a jewelry prototype or master model went from a week (7,200 minutes) to 15 minutes. Even a 30-minute cut, this is a 4,000% improvement. The DATRON neo is 240 times faster than our previous process. And we are completing the process within our own facility.

Phil Montalto – R&D Manufacturing, Inc.

Engrave A Wide Range Of Products In All Kinds Of Materials

Companies like Hallmark Cards, Tanner Custom Machining, Kimber and DC Graphics depend on DATRON for making some of the highest quality engraving products like:

  • Molds
  • Embossing Dies
  • Steel Stamping Dies
  • Combination Dies
  • Firearm Serialization and Engraving
  • Sharp Faced Rotary Dies
  • Stainless Steel Elevator Panel Engraving
  • Coining Dies


Application Consultation

Our engineers review your parts and workflow to help determine the right solution for your needs. 


Immediate Results

In-stock machines ship usually within a week and can start making parts within hours after being installed. 

Service & Support

The DATRON Dynamics support team is knowledgeable, responsive, and reliable. We provide training, local 24/7 telephone support, internal diagnostics, preventative maintenance programs, and customer exchangeable parts to help keep your investment up and running with minimal interruptions. 


Recommended Machines

520 x 420 x 220 mm (20 “ x 16.5 “ x 9 “) (XYZ)
2kwatt liquid chilled spindle up to 40,000 RPM
approx. 700 kg (1,543 lbs.)
Prototype intricate metal parts and small production runs in-house with the CNC system that fits through a standard doorway. Designed for precision prototyping in metal and perfect for a lab environment.
1,020 x 830 x 245 mm (40” x 33” x 10″) (X, Y, Z)
Up to 60,000 RPM machining spindle
approx. 1,300 kg (2,866 lbs.)
Machine parts faster and more efficiently with the high-speed M8Cube. With a working area of 30” x 40” and 60,000 RPM spindle, you are saving time and money.
1,040 x 850 x 270 mm (41” x 33.5” x 11″) (X, Y, Z)
Standard 4 kwatt, 1k – 40k RPM, e-25 HSK Collet – Upgrade 8 kwatt, 100 – 34k RPM, e-32 HSK Collet
approx. 3,800 kg (8, 378 lbs.)
The MXCube is our most accurate and fastest high-speed machining center. Designed for 24/7 production, this machine has a high-capacity tool changer and chip management system for high volume production.

Streamline Your Machining Process

DATRON CNC machines and high-speed spindles will increase your feed rates and reduce faster cycle times. The machines and software are optimized so that the entire machining process or workflow is fast and efficient saving you time and money.

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Case Studies

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