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The Impact of Vacuum Table Technology on CNC Machining

Vacuum Tables Can Revolutionize Your Production Capabilities

If you are leery about vacuum tables or have had a bad experience with using them, you need to read this article. Often bad experiences can be attributed to not using the right table for the right application or sometimes, vacuum tables are not the right fit for your parts. But if they are, you can make a significant improvement in throughput and profitability.

A vacuum table for a CNC (Computer Numeric Control) is a flat table or holding fixture that has a vacuum source attached allowing it to draw vacuum through holes in the table surface. With vacuum suction or in technical terms the atmospheric pressure pushing downwards, the table (sometimes called a chuck) can hold flat material sheet firmly in place while machining. Using a vacuum table can reduce set-up times, improve the quality of parts, optimize material usage, part tolerances, and reduce cycle times (the time to machine each part).

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