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Efficiently Machine with Small Tooling On High-Speed CNC Milling Machines

With a trend towards miniaturization in manufacturing, work piece sizes When companies produce a batch of parts, they usually have an operator in front of the machine for an entire shift, producing work-pieces one at a time. The operator takes raw stock, puts it on the machine bed, machines the part and then removes it — repeating the entire process for eight hours. Therefore, the operator is dedicated or “tied” to a single machine. This procedure is known as “one-up” production.

For example, a conventional CNC machining center running tools smaller than ½” in diameter at 10,000 RPM or less will result in unfavorable feed rates and costly tool breakage. That tool breakage is often blamed on operator error, incorrect machining parameters, or worse yet, simply the nature of small tools. The reality is that it’s due to the force of a conventional machine’s heavy spindle and it’s inability to reach the high RPM speeds required to effectively evacuate chips from the cutting channel.

“Datron’s line of machines offer the features and advantages mentioned above and can help manufacturers to achieve efficiency and quality in small part production with micro tools. We offer machining systems with a typical working volume of 40” x 27” x 8”, and other sizes are available.”