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Rapid Prototyping

Get your ideas to market faster by taking control of your rapid prototyping process.

Are high prototyping costs and long lead times slowing your growth? If you could make your own prototypes, or do short-run production, in-house you’d gain a distinct market advantage. Many rapid prototyping solutions are easy enough to operate but limited in materials, speed, or accuracy. But what if you could have the best of all worlds? What if you could make your own prototypes that look and feel just like the finished product— right in your own work space?

Upgrade Your Prototyping Process With Names You Can Trust

Upgrade your prototyping process with an integrated CNC machining system that was designed for rapid prototyping.

DATRON CNC systems make parts faster than you thought possible and allow you to operate the equipment yourself with an easy, app-driven touchscreen interface. With a DATRON, you can machine just about any material without having to outsource. Imagine innovating and making a precision prototype in hours, instead of days—or even—weeks. Companies like Microsoft and ETCO depend on DATRON technology for prototyping the next gadget you hold in your hand or device you place on your desk, and they rely on DATRON Dynamics to help them streamline their machining process provide ongoing support.

Rapid Prototyping Improves Your Time-to-Market

With a DATRON, you’ll improve the quality of your parts and reduce the time it takes to make them. DATRON CNC machines work with the leading CAD/CAM software packages and the learning curve for the DATRON next interface is extremely short, so integration is simple.

  • Machine complex shapes and geometries with great precision.
  • Achieve superior surface finishes for non-ferrous materials like aluminum.
  • Quickly shift between job setups with module and vacuum clamping technology.

A Very Valuable Tool

It’s proven to be a very valuable tool used in our Rapid Prototyping and New Product Development efforts. We’re literally walking out of a design review meeting and have non-ferrous metal or plastic parts machined on the DATRON in our hands in a matter of a few hours.

Ralph Jacques – Director of Manufacturing Development, ETCO

Powerful & Modern

I did an evaluation and we had big success with DATRON neo at our technology center…the power that it has, and the modern user interface, those were types of characters we were looking to have in a partner.

Sean Manzanares – Senior Manager, Autodesk

Streamline Every Aspect of Your Prototyping Process


Application Consultation

Our engineers review your parts and workflow to help determine the right solution for your needs. 


Immediate Results

In-stock machines ship usually within a week and can start making parts within hours after being installed. 

Service & Support

The DATRON Dynamics support team is knowledgeable, responsive, and reliable. We provide training, local 24/7 telephone support, internal diagnostics, preventative maintenance programs, and customer exchangeable parts to help keep your investment up and running with minimal interruptions. 


Recommended Machines

520 x 420 x 220 mm (20 “ x 16.5 “ x 9 “) (XYZ)
2kwatt liquid chilled spindle up to 40,000 RPM
approx. 700 kg (1,543 lbs.)
Prototype intricate metal parts and small production runs in-house with the CNC system that fits through a standard doorway. Designed for precision prototyping in metal and perfect for a lab environment.
1,020 x 830 x 245 mm (40” x 33” x 10″) (X, Y, Z)
Up to 60,000 RPM machining spindle
approx. 1,300 kg (2,866 lbs.)
Machine parts faster and more efficiently with the high-speed M8Cube. With a working area of 30” x 40” and 60,000 RPM spindle, you are saving time and money.
1,520 mm x 1,150 mm x 245 mm (60” x 45” x 10”) (X, Y, Z)
Up to 60,000 RPM machining spindle
approx. 2,500 kg (5,512 lbs.)
In a world where adaptability and floor space are equally important, you shouldn’t have to choose one or the other. Ideal for milling long aluminum extrusions, sheet material, large parts or machine nested small parts.

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