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Demanding applications Need smart machines.

Need a more efficient way to machine intricate applications?

DATRON high-speed, precision machining centers provide a wide range of solutions for a variety of CNC machining applications. They are an ideal choice for micro-machining and industrial engraving of aluminum, plastics, stainless steel, graphite, ceramics, and just about any other non-ferrous material your milling projects require. The versatility of DATRON machines helps you increase production efficiency and diversify your manufacturing capabilities. Our sales consultants and application engineers can help you determine the best solution for your cnc machining application needs.

Our CNC Machining Applications

Engineers, innovators, machinists, and engravers can all make better parts with superior surface finishes while dramatically reducing cycle times by using a high-speed DATRON CNC machines. Check out a few of our CNC machining applications below.

Making complex—or smaller—parts requires smarts, speed, and precision at every stage of your workflow. Discover how 60,000 RPM spindle speed is only one part of the story—and how you can optimize your entire high-speed machining workflow with DATRON CNC machines.

Go from design to finished parts, faster. When you prototype in-house, you save time and money while gaining more control of your workflow—and your parts. Learn how you can innovate and iterate by creating production-ready metal and plastic parts in minutes rather than hours.

Remember when you had to choose between slow, heavy machine tools or light tabletop machines? There was nothing in between. Now you have access to an industrial engraving system that features the rigidity of a heavy machine tool with the agility of a tabletop engraver.

Our Favorite Materials

Machine aluminum parts faster with our optimized workpiece setup and high-frequency spindles.

Our high-speed milling machines produce superior surface finishes for acrylic with optimized tooling.

Carbon Fiber

Mill high-quality carbon fiber parts without burrs or delamination with spindle speeds up to 60,000 RPM.


Optimal machining areas are ideal for batch machining composite sheets.

Optimal weight to rigidity ratio absorbs vibration for milling intricate brass parts.


High-quality milling with micro tooling works great for graphite applications.


High RPMs and ethanol coolant provides clean plastic parts with smooth finishes.

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DATRON Dynamics

Limited Time Only 4.99%

Lease Financing Available!

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