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Autodesk Technology Center Residency Program

Why Start a Residency Program?

Autodesk is a software company motivated by a mission to help people move from design to making—seamlessly—across industries.

The Autodesk Technology Centers catalyze new possibilities for making through fabrication shops, an open-innovation Residency Program, and engagement within Autodesk. The Residency Program brings together dynamic innovators and supports them to shape the future of fabrication across industries.


Who Are Autodesk Residents?

The technology centers in Boston, San Francisco, and Toronto offer a Residency Program that provides open workspaces for teams from industry, academic, and startup communities. By striving to have an equal representation from these three sectors, diversity of thought and problem solving techniques lead to better outcomes for all residents. Autodesk also uses the technology centers to expand and deepen customer relationships. Customers can use the facility to solve problems, explore new fabrication strategies and experiment with new ideas.

Residency proposals are reviewed on a rolling basis, and selected participants are provided with dedicated project areas in a technology center, access to advanced fabrication machinery, training, and connections to industry experts and the technology center community. The Residency Program provides a kind of digital fabrication playground without the prohibitive costs of entry.

It’s About Community

The residency is an inclusive community designed to empower participants, embrace diversity, and reject intimidation.

The goal is to democratize digital fabrication and train diverse minds. The space was created not only for the engineer, but also individuals who present a range of learning styles and techniques.

Ultimately, the spirit of the residency is connection in support of key and lasting collaborations.

Set Up to Share

The Autodesk Technology Centers represent an investment in establishing a community based on shared insight, creative problem-solving, and collaboration in the name of innovation. Autodesk offers tours of the facility to showcase the sharing of ideas in a collaborative, open concept workspace.

The Technology Centers model on a regular basis what an ideal workspace might look like for those who are considering bringing prototyping in-house.

Why Bring Rapid Prototyping In-House?

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