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Autodesk Story: Windover

About Windover Construction

Windover Construction is a 100% employee-owned construction management firm providing comprehensive pre-construction planning, estimating, design-build, virtual design and construction, and construction management services for a diverse portfolio of clients. Windover uses digital technologies from Autodesk and DATRON to expedite their construction and refurbishment projects.

Windover Construction: What They’re Creating at the Autodesk Technology Center

As a resident of the Autodesk Technology Center, Windover is working on several projects. One of the more notable is the restoration of a historic 100-year-old façade featuring hand sculpted plaster that’s been degrading due to weather over the last century.

To restore the façade, Windover’s Virtual Design & Construction Team laser scanned the degraded exterior elements and then developed a detailed 3D model utilizing Autodesk software. Unifying BIM data with 3D printing, Windover was able to 3D print the original architectural facade elements with materials that would last for another 100 years with no maintenance needed.

On another project Windover utilized Autodesk software to digitally prefabricate 935 steel trusses at the Autodesk Technology Center, then Windover’s field team assembled them onsite with mixed reality in 3 days only, reducing cost by 70%.

Why Bring Rapid Prototyping In-House?

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