The following contributed to the creation of this ebook. Interviewees Adam Allard Senior Workshop Manager Autodesk Technology Centers Ashleigh Theberge Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Urology University of Washington Athena Moore Global Community Lead Autodesk Technology Centers Brad Wood Founder Motodemic Dann Demazure Technology Evangelist DATRON Dynamics Dr. Cornelia JF Scheitz Senior […]

DATRON Story: Motodemic

About Motodemic Motodemic is primarily in the business of upgrading and modifying motorcycle headlights. The company began by designing and 3D printing parts but has now expanded that to metal prototypes and parts. Much of their work is centered around attaching or converting motorcycle headlights to more modern lights that are safer for the rider. […]

DATRON Story: Mikros

About Mikros Founded in 1991, Mikros initially designed and developed systems to cool the electronics in the first iteration of the International Space Station, and the astronauts inside. This included two key platforms: a micronozzle set that provided two-phase cooling electronics, and a single-phase water system and microchannels to cool the crew’s cabin. Those eventually […]

DATRON Story: University of Washington

About The Organization As part of the University of Washington, the Theberge Group is a lab that studies the chemical mechanisms underlying male infertility, prostate cancer, kidney disease, infectious disease, and more. They are at the forefront of the development of analytical chemistry tools that advance medicine, including biomimetic microfluidic systems for integrated cell culture […]

Autodesk Story: Otherlab

About Otherlab Otherlab is a private research and development company working on future technologies, one of these being soft robotics. The soft robotics team at Otherlab is dedicated to creating robust, low-cost fluidic robots that operate in environments as extreme as deep water, outer space, and everything in between. Their goal is to build robots […]

Autodesk Story: Tarkka


About Tarkka Tarkka is an engineering team developing innovative products and training with the goal of making advanced manufacturing processes accessible, approachable, and affordable for anyone. Tarkka: What They’re Creating at the Autodesk Technology Center From their workspace at the Autodesk Technology Center, Tarkka is currently working on a modular CNC platform. Built on a […]

Autodesk Story: Windover

About Windover Construction Windover Construction is a 100% employee-owned construction management firm providing comprehensive pre-construction planning, estimating, design-build, virtual design and construction, and construction management services for a diverse portfolio of clients. Windover uses digital technologies from Autodesk and DATRON to expedite their construction and refurbishment projects. Windover Construction: What They’re Creating at the Autodesk […]


DATRON and DATRON Dynamics DATRON Dynamics: Leading the Industry in Innovation by Optimizing Entire Prototyping Workflows At DATRON Dynamics, we offer DATRON CNC machines that are designed our CNC machines so designers and engineers can easily make their own prototypes, parts, and products. Closely aligned with Autodesk’s philosophy of empowering anyone to “Make Anything,” we’ve […]

What’s Next?

What Does the Future Hold? So, what’s next in prototyping? The future of prototyping, product design, and manufacturing presents some very exciting opportunities for Industry 4.0. For example, manual processes like capturing assembly procedures, the ever-shifting bill of materials required, and process and quality data are becoming digitized. Some of the residents at the Autodesk […]


Material Safety We can’t overstate the importance of safety when setting up and working in a prototyping environment. For example, the Autodesk Technology Centers have an in-house environmental health and safety (EHS) manager, and before any group brings materials on-site, they have to obtain and submit the safety data sheet (SDS) for approval. It is […]


When you’re making prototypes, you really need to think about which different prototyping materials you intend to use. Ask yourself questions like: What are you trying to accomplish with the prototypes? Are you looking for a close approximation? Do you want something close to—or the exact—finished part? How fast do you want to iterate? Finally, […]

Equipment Considerations

Prototyping Equipment: A critical component to setting up a prototyping lab is making sure you choose the right equipment…

Space, Planning and Utilization

Planning a productive prototyping space depends on a number of things, like the parts you’re planning on milling, what machines…

Why Bring Prototyping In-house

Current industry trends show more companies are determined to bring rapid prototyping in-house in order to optimize their workflows and more.


This rapid prototyping ebook looks at the expanding possibilities of what can be built, how it can be built, and how to design for it.