Out of the Box Thinking that delivers turn-key CNC Machining Solutions


Turn-key high-speed CNC machining solutionsThat‘s what our customers say they love about us — that we deliver turn-key solutions rather than just machines. This starts with us understanding your application and utilizing our vast resources and technology to customize a system that will begin to revolutionize your business the first day it lands on your shop floor.

We think outside the box.

Our Engineers, technicians and support staff combine world-class expertise with local knowledge to help you address the most complicated projects.

At our fingertips

Integrated workholding like pneumatic clamps and vacuum tablesIntegrated probing options offer 3D probing and surface scanning that detects irregularities and compensates for them before machining beginsIntegrated Automation from pickand place systems to robots and work-piece handling like pallet changers and rotary axis provising manufacturing efficiency and reduced costsDATRON has its own line of micrograin solid carbide cutting tools that are optimized for high speed machining applications to deliver superior quality and tool life