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Hallmark Case Study

Brass Embossing Dies for Greeting Cards

Representing about 50% of all greeting cards sold in the United States, Hallmark Cards are found in more than 43,000 retail stores throughout the country and the company employs more than 18,000 people.

These numbers alone justify the title “industry leader” but it is the behind-the-scenes diligence and attention to detail the helped them achieve these numbers in the first place.

“In the past, we might have wasted hours leveling dies to achieve uniformity. Now that we can supply manufacturing with tools that fit very precisely, we can increase press speeds and achieve better quality with less effort.”

The Industry

Engraving / Embossing Dies

The Customer

Located in Kansas City, MO, Hallmark strives to help their customers share experiences with their friends and loved ones, and to help those memories and connections come to life.

The Challenge
Increase Speed and Quality With Less Effort

Hallmark had more than 11,000 products that required dies to produce raised or embossed images, raised or flat foil images and lettering. They needed a milling solution that would increase speed and quality, yet require less effort.

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