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DATRON neo compact high speed CNC milling machine is intended for rapid prototyping and small production runs in any material, from metal to plastic.

Compact CNC Mill

DATRON neo was specifically designed and purpose-built to give you an easy and affordable entrée to high-speed milling.

Industrial milling machines for high speed machining in industrial environments

DATRON M8Cube is an award-winning high speed milling machine with a 40" x 32" work area and up to 60,000 rpm spindle selection.

High-Speed Mill

DATRON M8Cube is our flagship high-speed milling machine featuring a 40" x 32" work area and up to 60,000 rpm spindle.

Dental milling machines for dental CAD/CAM applications.

DATRON M10 Pro is a precision high speed machining center with linear scales for +/- 5 micron positioning accuracy.

Precision CNC Mill

DATRON M10 Pro incorporates linear scales for added precision across its 45" x 31" work area.
Rapid rates up to 30 meters/min.

CNC dispensing machines for volumetric dispensing of silicone and other fluid materials

DATRON MLCube is a large format high speed milling machine for producing larger parts or batch machining production runs of small parts.

Large Format Mill

DATRON MLCube is a larger version of the M8Cube. It has a 60"x40" work area and is available with linear scales.

CNC milling tools for use with high speed milling machines and machining centers.

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The newest high speed CNC machining technology from DATRON AG in Germany
DATRON MLCube large format high speed CNC machining center for machining of larger parts or batch machining of many smaller ones.  

DATRON neo Compact High Speed Mill


Foam Cutting Tools

DATRON M8Cube high speed CNC milling machine with options like 3D probing and integrated vacuum table workholding for faster job set up and cycle times.  

M8Cube High Speed Milling Machine

All of the latest high speed CNC milling machine videos from DATRON

Cool Bottler Opener!

Video of milling an acrylic microfluidic support plate for the medical industry.  

Microfluidics Support Plate (Acrylic)

Video of milling a high tech aluminum housing for the electronics industry.  

Aluminum Housing

All of the latest high speed machining blogs from DATRON Dynamics

Prototyping 240 TIMES FASTER!


Cornell Submarine


Aerospace Case Study


Our Vision: To lead our industry by providing unrivaled manufacturing solutions and world-class support with honesty and integrity. DATRON Dynamics is the North American representative of DATRON AG, manufacturer of innovative, high-speed milling solutions. We are a complete local sales, service and support division for DATRON with several offices and technology centers throughout North America. DATRON helps customers succeed by providing complete milling, workholding, tooling and automation solutions. Through a commitment to innovative engineering that goes back more than 40 years, DATRON serves the world's largest and most respected companies by means of integrated solutions, software, hardware and services.

DATRON High-Speed CNC Milling Machines:

DATRON high-speed CNC milling machines are designed and manufactured in Germany based on a singular focus of high-speed machining. High-speed machining has become more and more prominent in manufacturing because parts produced within virtually every industry have become smaller and smaller. As a result, the cutting tools used to make those parts have to be smaller and high-speed spindles are the only viable means of using those tools efficiently. So, all DATRON machining centers feature a high-speed spindle with maximum speeds of 40,000 - 60,000 RPM. Additionally, DATRON is known for its large selection of integrated options which are selected based on the user's specific application to deliver a turn-key manufacturing solution. Options available include automation, probes (for scanning and measurement), automatic tool changers (ATC) and CNC workholding such as vacuum tables, pneumatic clamps and rotary axis (for 4-axis and 5-axis machining).

Production Manufacturing Industries Served:

DATRON high-speed milling machines are used in a wide variety of industries including Electronics, Aerospace, Medical, Dental, Packaging and Firearms Manufacturing. Typical applications are Machining Aluminum, Engraving, Rapid Prototyping, Microfluidics, Thermoform Mold Making, Machining Plastic, Firearm Serialization, UID Marking, Step Stencil Production, Engraving Embossing Dies, Milling Aluminum Enclosures, Machining Composites, Counter Plate Milling, Engraving Steel, Machining Graphite, Milling Panels, Machining Shims, Batch Machining, CNC Dispensing, and Micro Drilling.