3 Tips for Faster Rapid Prototype Machining

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Rapid prototype machining using a 5-axis high speed CNC machining center.

Time is money …  even more so in rapid prototype machining. Rapid prototype machining is important for bringing a design to reality. While making usable parts, this process also allows for testing and evaluating the design. In the consumer electronics industry, time is also crucial for beating fierce competition to market with the newest products. So, I’ve come up with three tips to help you become more agile and your rapid prototype machining faster.

1. Standardizing Stock Sizes for Rapid Prototype Machining

How many times have you stood next to a rack of material measuring to find the correct size stock for your part? One way to get past this is to have a library of standard stock sizes. If you have a dozen or so standard sizes, these can be saved in your CAM system to fit the size of the part needed. I personally would rather have a few more roughing passes to mill extra material then wasting time searching and cutting stock to size before milling.

Rapid prototype machining with standardized material blank sizes kept in stock will allow you to produce prototype parts quicker because you are guaranteed to have stock on hand.

Rapid prototype machining using standard size material blanks held in inventory can speed up the process and time to market.


2. Part Probing for Rapid Prototype Machining

Touch probes can save significant set up time. For example, with the 3D Probing on DATRON CNC machines, you are able to program cycles to find edges to set zero points. There is also an option to rotate your program to match the stock that was probed. Say you needed to put a part back on a machine to adjust a feature. With a probe you could touch off on a known location and reset your origin.

Rapid prototype machining can be made more efficient through the use of a 3D probe integrated on the CNC machining center. This diagram illustrates part location and verification.

3D probing can speed up rapid prototype machining in many ways (see above).


3. Optimizing Your CAM for Rapid Prototype Machining

How many parts do you make where you are always using the same machining techniques? Rough, finish pass, drill etc. Most CAM systems have an option called feature based machining. This option looks at the solid design model to define features that can be machined. Once those features are defined, the software selects toolpath strategies to machine each of the features found. Feature base machining might not be ideal in all situations but it will take significant time out of programming, even if you have to tweak a few parameters.

Rapid prototype machining CAM features like future based machining can be used to speed up programming and reduce overall prototyping time and even time to market.

Rapid prototype machining can be made more efficient by using feature based machining in the CAM software.


In conclusion, these three steps save you valuable setup time. I have personally seen this practice take a solid file to a metal 3D prototype part in the matter of minutes.

DATRON Dynamics West being located in the tech-savvy bay area, helps start ups to Fortune 500s get their machined 3D prototypes to the market first! If you are interested in seeing how DATRON can get bring your design to life please call us at 925.456.0157 or reserve a seat at one of our Technology Workshops.


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