Consumer & Industrial Electronics Manufacturing

Machining Electromechanical Parts Requires Expertise

The semiconductor supply chain has never been so fragile, making this the ideal time to start manufacturing memory chips, microprocessors, standard chips, and SoCs domestically. DATRON Dynamics is ready to help you tap this growing electronics manufacturing market with DATRON CNC machines that take you from prototype through production, right in-house. In fact, DATRON machines are ideal for all types of consumer and industrial electronic applications and have helped major electronic brands produce everything from circuit boards and test fixtures, to electronic enclosures and heat sinks.

DATRON Machines Are Versatile, Compact and Efficient.

Electronic manufacturers are challenged with finding versatile and compact systems that can efficiently prototype, produce, or repair intricate electronic-based mechanical parts. Traditional, large VMCs are messy, heavy, and require significant expertise to operate and maintain. Integrating one of those machines with your existing process is sometimes close to impossible. Unfortunately, having to outsource your project or wait in a queue for an in-house machining department to deliver your parts can cause delays. DATRON CNC machines let you produce high-quality, precise electromechanical parts with the only compact, easy-to-operate, and clean machining systems that can be installed right in a laboratory.

With the DATRON we have virtually eliminated cleanup because the coolant simply evaporates leaving clean parts that don’t need to be degreased.”

Ilya Pasumanskiy DataPro

DATRON CNC Machines Help Keep Your Workspace Clean

You can even produce precise and intricate electromechanical parts in-house with no contaminating oil residue in an anti-static environment. Some examples of parts our customers make include:

  • Electronic housings and enclosures.
  • Test fixtures, connectors, and sockets.
  • Printed Circuit Boards, trace cutting, and deconstructive testing.
  • Electromechanical parts, like heat sinks and thermal management.

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