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Do you design, manufacture, test or repair electronic components?

A Perfect Solution for Machining Electromechanical Parts

Electronic Manufacturers Are Challenged with Finding Versatile and Compact Systems to Produce or Repair Intricate Electronic-Based Mechanical Parts

Traditional, large VMC machining systems are messy, heavy and require expertise to operate and maintain. Likely, installing one of these machines within your existing process would be close to impossible. Alternatively, outsourcing or having to wait for your in-house machining department to deliver your parts can cause delays.

Produce High-Quality, Precise Electromechanical Parts with the Only Compact, Easy-To-Operate, and Clean Machining System That You Can Install Right in Your Laboratory

The DATRON family of CNC machines is designed to help you keep your workspace clean. Produce precise and intricate electromechanical parts in-house with no contaminating oil residue in an anti-static environment.

Some examples of parts our customers make include:

  • Electromechanical parts, like heat sinks and thermal management
  • Printed Circuit Boards, trace cutting and deconstructive testing
  • Electronic housings or enclosures
  • Test fixtures, connectors and sockets
Over the years, DATRON has worked with all of the biggest names in electronics. Perhaps, that’s because we started as an electronics company 50 years ago and we understand their needs. That’s right, DATRON started in 1969 making electronics components. When we couldn’t find a machine to make the parts we needed, we designed one and became the leader in high-speed machining.

“With the DATRON we have virtually eliminated cleanup because the coolant simply evaporates leaving clean parts that don’t need to be degreased.”

— Ilya Pasumanskiy, Lead Machinist, DataPro (WA)

The Benefits

Stop Outsourcing and Take Control of Your Electromechanical Part Making Workflow

Here’s how:

Application consultation

Our engineers review your parts and workflow to help determine if DATRON is the right fit for your unique challenges.

Immediate results

Stock machines ship within a week and can be making parts within hours after the machine is installed.

Service and Support

Training, local 24/7 telephone support, preventative maintenance programs, internal diagnostics and customer exchangeable parts keeps your investment running with minimal interruptions.

The Results

“We had 3 days of training here at our facility and that’s really all it took, a couple days and we were ready to go. It was pretty mind blowing to have the machine land and the next we were cutting parts.”

— Cam Fisher, Mechanical Engineer, Hudson Boat Works (ON)

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The Value You Get

Empowerment to Produce Today’s Parts… and the Ones You’ll Dream up Tomorrow!

What if you had the machining area to have a vacuum table setup on one side of the bed, a pneumatic clamping system on the other, and a 5-axis trunnion in the front? You could handle whatever job that came through the door and turn on a dime, right? That’s versatility.

Speed and precision come from a 40,000 – 60,000 RPM spindle that runs small tools more efficiently – producing a better cut and making parts with shorter cycle times.

Get all of this with a DATRON machine that can pay for itself in no time by reducing operational costs and increasing opportunity!

Questions About DATRON CNC Milling Machines?

DATRON machines dramatically reduce almost every aspect of your machining workflow. If you have questions regarding DATRON CNC Milling Machines, tooling, accessories, or more, please contact us. 

For inquiries outside the US, Canada, or Mexico please contact


During the Covid-19 outbreak, DATRON remains open for business and is able to ship product,
support and service to our customers.


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