Solid Design Enterprises Case Study

Solid Design Enterprises: A CNC buyer’s journey to a DATRON neo Every CNC machine purchase begins with a need and the inspiration to grow. Recognizing the value in his ability to design and manufacture customer products in-house, Clint Caldwell of Solid Design Enterprises LLC (SDE), wanted to put his extensive manufacturing background to work and […]

Carbide Products Case Study

Carbide Products: Small CNC Investment Yields Huge Advancement When a unique job came along, Carbide Products turned to DATRON for a milling solution that was easy to program and control, and with faster feeds and speeds in aluminum. In 1985, Danny Strippelhoff became a partner in the business that his grandfather established in Georgetown, KY […]

DC Graphics Case Study

DC Graphics: Embossing Die Engraving Pros DC Graphics approached DATRON looking for a CNC solution that would allow them to provide their custom­ers with high-quality products faster and less expensively than their competition. DC Graphics, founded in 1994 by Kevin Brandon, is run today by Eugene Prohaske, President, and Cristine Brandon, Vice President, who have […]

Hallmark Case Study

Brass Embossing Dies for Greeting Cards Representing about 50% of all greeting cards sold in the United States, Hallmark Cards are found in more than 43,000 retail stores throughout the country and the company employs more than 18,000 people. These numbers alone justify the title “industry leader” but it is the behind-the-scenes diligence and attention […]

Kansas City Design Case Study

Making Molds for Pharmaceutical Packaging: Prototypes and Production Kansas City Design needed a CNC machine with a large work area that could fit up to 20” x 20” blanks and offered repeatability & accuracy, with a high-speed spindle that allowed for the use of tiny tools – down to .001 in diameter. Molds for Pharmaceutical […]

Ellis & Ellis Sign Systems Case Study

ADA Compliant Braille, Way-Finding Signs Ellis & Ellis Sign Systems needed to produce intricate, ADA compliant, Braille way-finding signs, but could also perform many other functions – thereby adding flexibility to their shop floor. Monument Sign Making is a focus of Ellis & Ellis, but not everything they do at Ellis & Ellis is that […]

Dental Laboratory Group Case Study

5-Axis Machining Titanium Implants for Dental Restoration Located in Staten Island, NY, their high-tech facility includes a full-service dental lab, a digital dental and manufacturing facility, and an on-site educational center for technicians and dentist practitioners. “At first, the D5 handled all of their zirconia production that was previously sent out to a milling center. […]

Hudson Boat Works Case Study

Hudson Boat Works: Rowing & Milling at High Speed with MLCube! Hudson Boat Works needed CNC technology that was capable of building a line of lighter, faster boats comprised of all carbon fiber components. Hudson Boat Works is an official boat manufacturer for the Canadian National Team and their boats have won 84 World and […]