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Ultra-Precision CNC Machine With Largest Workspace In Smallest Footprint

Machining Large Precision Parts is Difficult and Can Be Costly to Produce

Some machining jobs leave very little room for error – and the larger the part, the greater the chance of not achieving a successful result. Repositioning parts because you don’t have the machining area can lead to errors, or worse. Working on existing parts that are already of high value is stressful and risky.

Transform Your Business, Reduce Rejected Parts, and Take the Stress out of Large Part, High-Tolerance Jobs

DATRON’s M10 Pro helps minimize your stress and risk of scrapped parts by getting the job done right – the first time. The M10 Pro is designed and built to the most exacting requirements and can improve your entire workflow. Accurately set up jobs with the integrated touch probe and software that compensates for material irregularities and crooked workpiece placement. Precisely locate existing fiducials or features for exact machining on existing components or parts with built-in optical cameras.


we couldn’t get there with the equipment we had

Over the years, we got better and better and then maxed out at how much better we could get. We just couldn’t get the precision, the tenths we wanted. We wanted +/- .0003” but we just couldn’t get there with the equipment we had. That’s what led us to DATRON.”

Fred Himmelein – CEO, Hy-Tech Forming Systems

Watch the M10 Pro in Action

The DATRON M10 Pro is a powerful and highly precise machine that provides rigidity, thermal stability, and accuracy.

  • High-speed machining with a 40,000 RPM, 3 kW HSK spindle.
  • Thermally balanced, rigid construction with a solid granite table.
  • Exact precision with brushless servo motors and linear scales in all axes.

For Demanding, Difficult, and Ultra-Precision Machining

The DATRON M10 Pro is the only German-engineered machining system with linear scales, thermally balanced construction, and a 2:1 footprint to machining area ratio for high-tolerance and demanding jobs. The integrated linear measuring system with a resolution of 40nm guarantees continuous precision, making the M10 Pro ideal for varying lot sizes, small numbers, large numbers, and high-tech materials.

  • Linear Scales – For accuracies reported by DATRON customers in the range of 4 – 5 microns. HSK-25 E tool holders with <3 micron runout.
  • Solid Granite Table – The solid granite table is held by a frame of cast steel. This rigidity ensures accuracy and the quality of your parts.
  • Digital Servo Drives – Achieve rapid rates up to 30 meters per minute and acceleration = 5 meters per sec2.

DATRON M10 Pro Specifications

Travel1,020 x 830 x 240 mm (40” x 33” x 9.5”) (X, Y, Z)
SpindleUp to 40,000 RPM spindle
FeedUp to 30 m/min (1,181 in/min)
Tool ChangerUp to 24 stations automatic tool changer
Control SystemDATRON next
Working Area1,000 x 700 x 200 mm (39” x 27.5” x 7.5”)
Rotary axisOptional 4th axis and 5th axis
Footprint1,990 x 2,080 x 2,000 mm (78” x 82” x 79”) (W x D x H)
Weightapprox. 2 t (3,600 lbs.)

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