The 3D sensor consists of a measuring head with evaluation electronics, a swivelling mechanism with precision bearing, as well as operating and evaluation software. The sensor can be used for quick referencing or measuring in every machining phase. The sensor is mounted on the Z axis and the measurement is performed when the sensor swivels from its home position to the measuring position. The capacitive measuring principle, which has been registered for a patent, ensures high repeatability as well as measurement accuracy. The sensor is easily operated with through menu-controlled software. After the measurement is performed, offsetting occurs directly in the control software without any loss of real time.


Integrated 3D probe or 3D sensor for Datron high speed CNC machining center

Datron’s optional, integrated Z-Correction Probe recognizes irregular work-piece topography and compensates for it dynamically. It does this by taking measurements along the surface of a blank and feeding that data into the machining controller. The controller automatically adjusts for uneven surfaces or work piece position. Through this process, job setup times are reduced and piece/part rejection is minimized.

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The omni-axis Renishaw TP20 probe is ideal for complex part measurement such as engraving a logo onto a rounded surface. Ordinarily, 3D programming would be necessary to accommodate surface depth changes and ensure an even depth engraving. With the TP20, the surface is scanned and irregularities or surface changes are automatically managed in the machining data without 3-D programming. The TP20 features a 6-way, kinematic, touch-trigger probe system to significantly improve cycle times.

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With the addition of the 3D Extension, the Z-Correction Probe locates parts and material irregularities in the X, Y, and Z co-ordinates, finds centers of holes and bosses, pre-measures blanks before the machining starts, compensates for material variations, feeds data into ISO 9000 information chain for quality control, and even allows for the reverse engineering of many parts.

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Data Sheet