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Vision System

To speed up the process or automate the process of setting up your parts for machining, DATRON has two solutions using a camera system.

AR Camera

The standard integrated camera works in combination with the next Control Software and measuring probe to locate a part zero point for your project. The AR (augmented reality) camera mounted to the Z-Axis provides a live image of the work table. The operator can move the machine by swiping their finger on the touchscreen to position the image over the workpiece origin and then draw on the live image displayed on the touchscreen to probe the features needed to be measured. This allows a part to be set up without the need to type in coordinates.

For example, measuring the corner of the stock or finding the center of a hole without any interaction with a keyboard or inputting numbers; the operator within seconds safely activates the probe for precision measuring of the workpiece zero point and you are now ready to start machining.

close up of AR Camera

Precision Vision System

For a functionality type different from our standard camera, the second option is a Vision System. This high-resolution camera has feature recognition capabilities to automatically find, locate, and act upon the acquired image data. For example, you could have a fiducial or registration mark on a preprinted sheet; your machining program would roughly locate the camera’s field of view over the marking, and the camera will automatically recognize and lock onto the target marking. Your program would then automatically start the machining process precisely based on the preprinted marking. You can also have two markings and orient the axis to the plane of the two markings. Store a library of fiducials and markings and instruct specific machining operations based on the type of marking found. You can also work off a pre-machined feature like a drilled hole.

Find Your Solution

AR CameraPrecision Vision System
DescriptionVisually move the tool (cross hairs) over your work piece by finger dragging on the touchscreen overtop the live camera view.Precisely locate onto a fiducial or marking by it automatically recognizing and referencing it to a stored database of predefined images. This library of images are taken prior using the camera.
Good forThis saves you time by visually setting your start point with just the touchscreen display. No more trying to stick your head into the machine to find your origin. You can use the probe afterwards to precisely locate your zero point origin, if needed.This system is ideal when machining pre-printed sheet material. Lock onto a fiducial and start machining automatically. There is no need to use the measuring probe afterwards. You can even rotate the plane based on two fiducial points.
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Using Your Vision System

next Control Software

The DATRON next control software features a touchscreen interface that’s as easy to use as your smartphone. Whether your into high-volume machining or prototyping – whether you’re an experienced machinist or the new guy on the floor – this next gen machine interface is going to change the way you work.


Part Set-up

As necessary as it is to optimize the cycle time of a part, so is the time it takes to set up a part. In some cases, the preparation and time to run a job can be equally as long or longer than to machine the part. 

Note: one or the other camera cannot do the other functionality. They are separate systems.

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