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Dental milling machines from DATRON for milling titanium implant bars, custom abutments, crowns, bridges and more!

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The D5 Dental Mill is designed based on close consultation with the dental lab industry — and was built from the ground up to meet the specific demands required for the production of complex implant geometries. It’s compatible with industry leading CAD/CAM software packages, while still allowing for the integration of yet-to-be-developed technology. So, your investment today will facilitate your advancement tomorrow ... and for years to come. We’re continually testing the components and geometries of the world‘s most prominent implant manufacturers and we're committed to helping you stay up to date with the latest developments within
the industry.


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D5 Dental Mill

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The D5 Dental Milling Machine
is unrivalled in the dental world. With a fully automated 8 blank changer and 15 tool holding positions, it can mill titanium, chrome cobalt, zirconia, and other materials for over 100 consecutive hours unattended. German engineered for extreme rigidity and precision, the D5 was designed for the sole purpose of milling complex dental parts and implant geometries. It integrates industry-leading CAM software packages to give your lab the flexibility it needs to mill anything from bars and custom abutments to full contour crowns, copings, and bridges – all while being controlled by the simplicity of an Apple iPad!

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