DATRON Dynamics

Techniques and Reasons for Surface Scanning, Mapping and 3D Probing

A probe is defined as an instrument which can measure a material’s surface by contact. These measurements are used to ensure uniform depth in the machining process. Sometimes, blanks need to be measured, edges found, surfaces probed, and programs intended for perfect, flat workpieces adapted to the “real world.”

There are two types of probes commonly found in machining. The first is an accessory added to a pre-existing machine, otherwise known as a spindle-mount probe. The second is a probe built into the machine from the ground up, called an integrated probe.

“Building a machine with a probe already installed is the best way to proceed. Taking a probe’s requirements (space, power supply, range of motion) into account ahead of time eliminates headaches and ensures the probe is practically invisible, minimizing the impact on manufacturing procedures.”

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DATRON Dynamics

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