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5 Reasons to Use DATRON Dental Tools

1: Unique Patented Design and Geometry

Dental milling tools geometry used by DATRON is a patented design developed to deliver superior cutting quality and precision.

2: Longevity and Precision

DATRON’s design of the cutting surfaces for dental milling tools has allowed for a masterful blend of shapes and sizes that outperform many of today’s competitors. The precision instruments created by our team allow for longer running times in materials such as Chrome Cobalt (CoCr), Zirconia (ZrO2), PMMA, WAX, nano composite materials and Titanium.

The running times for DATRON dental milling tools, measured in meters, are proof of more units per tool. For example, a normal (non-DATRON) set of titanium tools produces on average about 100 abutments or 10 bars. In comparison, some of our dental lab customers are seeing numbers per set of tools well in the 200+ range.

Please note the charts below showing longevity of DATRON dental milling tools is based on distance (meters).

Running Times for DATRON Dental Milling Tools:

Dental Milling Tools for Nanocomposite – Running Time Distance (meters)

Dental Milling Tools for Zirconia – Running Time Distance (meters)

Dental Milling Tools for PMMA and Wax – Running Time Distance (meters)

Dental Milling Tools for Titanium – Running Time Distance (meters)

3: Specialized Coatings

DATRON uses a specialized coating application for their tooling known as CVD or Chemical Vapor Deposition. The purpose of the coating is to protect the overall shape, sharpness and precision of the cutting flutes. These flutes are the surfaces which engage the material that is being cut. The Flutes are coated in diamond or diamond-like carbon material which enhances the overall life of the individual tool. However, sometimes a rounding off of flutes can occur from sub-standard CVD application. DATRON’s scientific and patented procedure has allowed for a perfect equilibrium between the chemical adhesion of the coating to the cutting surface of the tool. Please note the electron microscopic image presenting the CVD adhesion to the carbide tooling showing an exact and accurate deposit of diamonds to the carbide surface.

Dental milling tools with diamond coating produced with CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) shown in this electron microscopic image.

4: Dental Milling Tools for All Machine Types

DATRON AG has developed a large selection of tooling for almost all machines in the dental market today. Thanks to the advanced engineering and development of DATRON dental milling tools, labs and milling centers can leverage DATRON’s experience to improve the quality and cut of every possible dental indication. Through our patented tooling design, your machine can cut with DATRON precision.

Dental milling tools for most CAD CAM systems are developed by DATRON AG using the highest grade of carbide and their patented tool geometry.

5: Excellent Price-to-Performance Ratio

DATRON dental milling tools are the product of our vast experience through 40 years of CNC tool manufacturing. DATRON offers the best surface quality, depth of choice in products and the longest tool life. We offer user-oriented guidance and service through our knowledgeable staff with dental clinical backgrounds. We offer an excellent price to performance ratio on all of our tooling, allowing your laboratory to get more for your investment.

Recommended Products

520 x 420 x 220 mm (20 “ x 16.5 “ x 9 “) (XYZ)
2kwatt liquid chilled spindle up to 40,000 RPM
approx. 700 kg (1,543 lbs.)
Prototype intricate metal parts and small production runs in-house with the CNC system that fits through a standard doorway. Designed for precision prototyping in metal and perfect for a lab environment.
1,020 x 830 x 245 mm (40” x 33” x 10″) (X, Y, Z)
Up to 60,000 RPM machining spindle
approx. 1,300 kg (2,866 lbs.)
Machine parts faster and more efficiently with the high-speed M8Cube. With a working area of 30” x 40” and 60,000 RPM spindle, you are saving time and money.
1,520 mm x 1,150 mm x 245 mm (60” x 45” x 10”) (X, Y, Z)
Up to 60,000 RPM machining spindle
approx. 2,500 kg (5,512 lbs.)
In a world where adaptability and floor space are equally important, you shouldn’t have to choose one or the other. Ideal for milling long aluminum extrusions, sheet material, large parts or machine nested small parts.

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