Mirotech Case Study

Making Test Fixture Production 10x Faster! When testing printed circuit boards (PCB), electronic components, and chips, a test fixture holds the component in place while it is tested with controlled electronic signals. Because PCB and other components vary in size and composition, the test fixtures developed by Mirotech are highly customized, resulting in a low […]

Front Panel Express Case Study

Custom Milling and Engraving Front Panels Learn how Front Panel Express has leveraged the flexibility of DATRON high-speed machining technology and combined it with their own design software to empower their customers with a unique do-it-yourself service. “DATRON offers ongoing instruction like DATRON University that I’ve personally attended and that kind of training allows us […]

Haydon Kerk Case Study

Haydon Kerk: Large Manufacturer Adds High-Speed Machining to Make Rails for Slide Assemblies Haydon Kerk is an internal part of AMETEK’s Advanced Motion Solutions group focused on producing a full range of components and precision motion control systems. This includes linear actuators, lead screws and nuts, linear rails and guides, drives, motors and other components. […]

ETCO Case Study

Milling Connectors from Brass, Copper, Aluminum and Plastics ETCO produces wall plug blades (although the production speeds have increased from 175 parts per minute to as fast as 3,000 parts per minute). Last year, ETCO produced approximately half of all wall plug blades made in the USA. “When developing a prototype you may find you […]

QC Precision Case Study

Low Volume/High Mix: Small Part Manufacturing in Electronics QC Precision needed a machine for the 3-axis and metal machining projects they had been passing up, so they could expand their capabilities, while matching the efficiency and agility they had already achieved with the back office technology — and that would integrate with what they had. […]

DataPro International Case Study

DATA Pro Case Study: Machining Custom Aluminum Panels As DataPro’s production capabilities grew, they needed a machine that could keep up a need for rapidly milling high quality parts and machining custom aluminum panels. DataPro International Inc. is a leading supplier of panel-mount connectivity solutions ranging from panel-mount cables and couplers to customized wallplates, panels, […]