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Why Bring Rapid Prototyping in House?

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Insights on Why & How To Setup In-House Prototyping

DATRON Dynamics spoke with members of the Autodesk Technology Centers team to gain insights on why - and how - to set up in-house prototyping.

Autodesk established a network of technology centers to provide a unique Industry 4.0 experience for residency teams from various industries. DATRON CNC machines were an essential part of the effort to provide rapid prototyping capabilities.

In addition to a behind-the-scenes look at how Autodesk established their residency program, this eBook features:

  • Practical tips on setting up prototyping in-house
  • 3 Autodesk Technology Center Resident Profiles
  • DATRON Prototyping Customer Profiles
  • How the two companies continue to build on the promise of Industry 4.0

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DATRON Dynamics

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