CNC Rotary Axis including trunnion 5 axis work handling for high speed CNC milling machines from DATRON

Rotary Axis


High quality parts can be machined with precision on multiple sides with DATRON rotary axes. Small electrodes, engraving on rounded or cylindrical workpieces, dental and medical parts and intricate molds are typical applications. All DATRON rotary axes are delivered with integrated servo-positioning units and additional software. They can also be installed on previously purchased DATRON machines.


From compact to high precision with tailstock options, DATRON rotary axis systems provide flexibility and quality for applications requiring 5 axis machining.


Multi Rotary Axis Compact Rotary Axis Precision Rotary Axis
Heavy duty roatary axis with 4th and 5th axis for use with DATRON high speed CNC machining centers and milling machines Compact 4th Axis for use with DATRON CNC milling machines and machining centers Precision 4th Axis for Datron high speed CNC milling machines
Compact Axis w/ Tallstock Precision Axis w/Tallstock Trunion 5 Axis
Compact 4th axis with Tailstock for use with German engineered high speed CNC milling machines from DATRON Precision 4th axis with tailstock for German made CNC machining centers  Trunnion 5 axis for CNC milling machines made by DATRON features zero point clamping technology

CNC Rotary Axis Data Sheet DownloadView the Rotary Axis Data Sheet