Hy-Tech Forming Systems Case Study

Ultra Precision in Tight Tolerances

Forming, Embossing and Trimming Thin Film Plastics Used in Automotive, Appliance, Medical, Aerospace and Military Industries

Hytech provides solutions for forming, embossing and trimming thin film plastics. Their focus is primarily on thin film plastic parts requiring precise graphic registration. There are also nongraphic applications where the Hytech forming processes provide benefits over other traditional forming processes. Their patented technologies are utilized by OEMs in the Automotive, Appliance, Medical, Aerospace and Military industries

We’ve probably done more software testing than most shops. We use the DATRON software’s contour smoothing, but it’s also a combination of the dynamics and the programming strategies that all contribute to a perfect surface finish.

The Industry: Thermoform Mold Making

The Customer: Hytech Forming Systems

Located in Ontario, Canada, Hytech Forming Systems is an international supplier of thin film plastic converting technologies and has been inventing new processes, equipment and tooling technology for more than 30 years.