Robotics Team World Champions Thank DATRON


After falling to 64th place out of 67 teams in their division, The Iron Panthers (The Burlingame Robotics Team) was slightly discouraged, but they were able to make a glorious comeback, ending in 21st place in the Newton Division competition.

Iron Panther Robotics Team from Burlingame.
World Champions – The Burlingame Iron Panther Team out of the San Francisco Bay area.

Hard-Fought Battle of Robotics Competition World Champions

They were then selected by their division’s first seed alliance, comprised of Greybots, Madtown, and the Vitruvian Bots, and they arose to be the winner of their division. Going into the Einsteins round was in itself an amazing position to be in and their team was ecstatic. Despite early difficulties in this difficult competition, their team pushed through with extreme perseverance and managed to make it to the final championship round, where they won 2-1 against the opposing alliance.

Iron Panthers react to their robotics team win to become world champions.
A reaction to their incredible robotics team win and hard-earned World Champion status.

DATRON Lends a Hand to Robotics Team

DATRON’s West Coast office was involved with the team, offering their high-speed machining equipment to help them make parts for their robot. Division Manager, Chris Hopkins reflects, “We were happy to provide the tools these future engineers needed to get the job done and turn their winning design into reality. We congratulate them on their victory and wish each of them great success in the future.”

Above: Short video clip of machining aluminum drive frame parts.

Robotics Champions Give DATRON the Thumbs Up!

The team coach and captains summed up their experience working with DATRON in the following thank you note:

“We would like to thank DATRON so much for all the support we have received from you these past few years. Thank you for enabling us to have such a great robot by milling our drive base parts with your incredible machinery. We couldn’t have done this without you. Our team has worked extremely hard to win the final round in the Houston Championships, and we believe that our success is the embodiment of our hard work from your support. The road to winning the FIRST Robotics Competition was not easy, but you have helped our team greatly. Not only does your support allow our team to grow, but also flourish and achieve great things. Without your sponsorship, our team would have never been able to become this successful, and it was your team that enabled our accomplishments to happen.”

Christina Wade – Robotics Coach
Darrion Chen & Katherine Mohr – Captains
The Iron Panthers

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