DATRON neo Dust Collection System Shown in Tutorial Video.

From setup to milling – the compact DATRON neo enables smart flexibility for production.

Mühltal, Germany – Available with the new DATRON neo compact milling machine, DATRON, also offers a dust collection package that efficiently removes fine dust from the machining area.

DATRON milling machines for high-speed machining feature this dust collection technology developed specifically for panel processing. This allows for virtually debris-free, as well as scratch- and chip-free surfaces due to a non-contact suction design.

DATRON neo’s height-adjustable dust collection system can be easily installed by the machine operator and, in addition to reduced debris in the machine, ensures a pleasant working atmosphere. Due to the removal of dust and the smallest chips during milling, time-consuming cleaning of the machine is obsolete. The user can achieve high-precision processing while increasing the production efficiency.

DATRON AG is committed to delivering cutting-edge German engineering like this while supporting customers through the entire workflow, including technology consulting, sales and after-sales maintenance and repair services. With DATRON neo, the company has created another product that meets the highest quality standards and provides the best solution for successful and economical production.

Further information on DATRON neo and "smart milling" can be found at www.datron-neo.com.


DATRON dust collection system for use with DATRON neo removes dust and debris during milling for a clean machining area and scratch-free parts.CLICK IMAGE TO PLAY VIDEO






DATRON neo Accessories and Tutorial Videos


DATRON vacuum tables for use with DATRON neo make job setup quick and easy when milling flat parts and sheet material.

Vacuum Table

The optional vacuum chuck, augments the DATRON neo for processing hard-to-clamp shapes and the thinnest sheet materials. This innovative vacuum chuck allows for various workpieces to be clamped on a modular unit which is divided into individually-activated segments.

DATRON's Pneumatic Clamping System for use with DATRON neo allows for quick fixturing of small blanks prior to machining

Pneumatic Clamping

The optional pneumatic clamp for use with DATRON neo is a designed for fast and flexible fixturing of millable workpieces. This ergonomic, time-saving system is greatly beneficial when short changeover times are critical.

DATRON's Pneumatic Clamping System for use with DATRON neo allows for quick fixturing of small blanks prior to machining


This video tutorial shows how to quickly set up the innovative DATRON neo milling machine. This machine proves to be user-friendly and operable immediately at the time of installation.

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