Oct 15-17, 2013 | Press Release

DATRON Exhibit at WESTEC Will Serve As West Coast Introduction for the M8Cube High-Speed Machining Center

WESTEC, Los Angeles Convention Center, October 15 – 17, 2013 – DATRON Dynamics plans to demonstrate the M8Cube high-speed machining center for the first time on the West Coast at WESTEC this year.

The M8Cube is DATRON’s newest model and represents all of the company’s latest advancements in high-speed machining technology. This includes brushless, direct drives that provide fast acceleration, feed rates up to 866 inches per minute and short cycle times. A 3kW, 40,000 RPM, liquid-chilled spindle delivers greater horsepower for heavier machining, as well as the flexibility to mill a wide range of materials. HSK-E 25 tool holders offer precision and <1 micron run out. DATRON has positioned this model for precision, high or low volume production of electronic, aerospace and medical parts, as well as industrial engraving and micro-drilling applications.

According to the company’s Vice President, Robert Murphy, “It’s been a number of years since we’ve exhibited at WESTEC, but with the almost simultaneous opening of our new West Coast Technology Center and the launch of the M8Cube, we decided that WESTEC is the ideal venue to make these introductions.” The new Technology Center that was opened in Livermore, CA by DATRON Dynamics this past July will house this M8Cube as a demonstration machine following WESTEC. The facility showcases other popular machine models and allows the company to demonstrate the advanced capabilities of this equipment by milling “benchmark” parts for prospective customers.

DATRON will also be demonstrating the D5 Dental Mill by milling titanium implant bars and abutments at the show. This machine was first introduced in 2010 with critical acclaim including a RedDot Design Award for Best Industrial Design. This compact 5-axis machine was designed specifically for dental milling applications like complex titanium implant bars, as well as custom abutments, crowns and bridges made from a wide variety of dental materials – from titanium to zirconium. The D5 is the only machining center in the world to be controlled by an Apple iPad and fits through a standard 36 inch door.

About DATRON Dynamics

DATRON Dynamics, Inc. is the premier provider of DATRON CNC Milling Machines, tooling, service, and support in North America. With an East Coast headquarters located in Milford, NH and a West Coast division in Livermore, California, DATRON Dynamics combines the benefits of DATRON’s German-Engineered CNC technology with first class service and support across the US, Canada, and Mexico.