Aerospace and Aviation

Prioritizing Customer Safety Means Making Precision Parts Right the First Time

For the past several decades, aerospace and defense manufacturers like Northrop Grumman and Flight Safety International have relied on the accuracy of DATRON machines to produce illuminated instrumentation, cockpit control panels, support frames, seating components, and even parts for fighter jet ejector seats. You will wow your CMM department by making complex, intricate, precision parts with minimal to zero rejects by using DATRON’s German-engineered machining systems.

Make Tight Tolerance Parts Once, and Improve Your Turn-Around Times

Are you looking for a high-speed machining system that meets your tight tolerances? Intricate and complex parts can be challenging with traditional machines. Heavy machines are designed for a broad range of applications, but not for making small, detailed parts. DATRON machines produce those complex parts better, faster, and within your high tolerance demands. They also improve your overall machining efficiency with a streamlined workflow that minimizes set-up times, reduces cycle times, and eliminates secondary ops – helping you get approval from your CMM department—the first time.

In terms of spindle speed, DATRON is faster than most other machine tools. Our other VMC doesn’t offer anything higher than 15,000 RPM and other machines of this size just don’t have the speed. Plus, the accuracy of DATRON is outstanding.

Tim Allard President, Rapid DTM Inc.

Produce Better Parts Faster, Within High Tolerance Demands

DATRON’s large machining envelopes and vacuum tables let you machine large parts or nest a series of smaller parts.

  • Precision spindles with a concentricity better than 2 μm
  • Rigid, vibration-free machine design for superior surface finishes
  • Efficiency with the smallest tools using high-speed spindles up to 60,000 RPM

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