No Other Machine Matches the Precision, Work Area, and Footprint of the MLCube

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Do You Need to Accurately Machine Large Sheet Material?

Traditional machining centers with a large work area have a huge footprint, are heavy, and are expensive to own and operate. You usually need to reposition parts multiple times, adding extra time to the project and increasing the risk for error. And sign routers don’t have the rigidity or accuracy needed for higher tolerance applications. But what if you could combine the advantages of both a VMC and a router?

The DATRON MLCube combines the rigidity and accuracy of a VMC with the agility and footprint of a sign router. Whether you are machining a large part out of sheet material or machining smaller nested pieces, the MLCube’s large machining area with minimal floor space offers impressive tolerances. A simple and easy to learn touchscreen CNC control system means you can start making parts the day this machine hits your shop floor.

We were running multiple shifts at capacity and now we’re running the DATRON on one shift and we’re able to keep up with demand. Plus, the volume has increased since we got the DATRON in 2011, so we’ve basically increased our productivity by over 300%.”

Jim Lamson, Hayden Kirk

Watch the MLCube in Action

Run smaller, nested parts or larger workpiece jobs unattended, with the DATRON MLCube’s large work area and a vacuum table system. Some applications include:

  • Thermoforming molds.
  • Long extrusion milling.
  • Telecommunication antennas.

Innovative, Easy-to-Use CNC Technology

The DATRON MLCube is the best choice for cost-effective sheet machining for projects like front panels, housings, profiles, and other aluminum workpieces milled in nested form. The MLCube can also process non-ferrous metals and composite materials efficiently. Its short setup times and ability to use different clamping techniques simultaneously, low power consumption, and excellent price-performance ratio (even for low production volumes) provides long-term and extremely high profitability.

  • MACHINE MORE / LARGER PARTS – Mill more small parts or larger one-offs than you ever have before in a smaller footprint.
  • MULTIPLE SETUPS – Put a vacuum chuck on one side of the bed, a pneumatic clamp on the other, and a 5-axis unit in the front. Take on any job without changing setups. The space is there for you to use the way you want.
  • Learn and Produce in Days, Not Weeks – Start making parts the day this machine hits your shop floor with the easiest CNC interface in the world.
DATRON MLCube Specifications
Travel1,520 x 1.150 x 245 mm (60” x 45” x 10″) (X, Y, Z)
SpindleUp to 60,000 RPM machining spindle
FeedUp to 22 m/min (866 in/min)
Tool ChangerUp to 45 stations automatic tool changer / Up to 143 stations external
Control SystemDATRON next or DATRON HSC pro
Working Area 1,500 x 1,000 x 200mm (59” x 39” x 7.5”)
Rotary axis Optional 4th axis and 5th axis
Footprint2.410 x 2.280 x 1.950 mm (95” x 90” x 77”) (W x D x H)
Weightapprox. 2,500 kg (5,512 lbs.)

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