Solid Design Enterprises:

A CNC buyers journey to a DATRON neo.

Every CNC machine purchase begins with a need and the inspiration to grow. Recognizing the value in his ability to design and manufacture customer products
in-house, Clint Caldwell of Solid Design Enterprises LLC (SDE), relied on his extensive manufacturing background to grow SDE into a successful in-house manufacturing shop. When the time was right, he hoped to add a DATRON neo to his shop.

Clint had specific considerations to keep in mind when evaluating CNC machines. The first was finding a CNC milling machine that would fit into his home-based shop. Since SDE did not make large parts, using a smaller machine was possible, but it would need to run on single-phase power due to residential power restrictions. Despite these challenges, he didn’t want to buy a hobbyist machine since it would limit speed, quality, and long-term growth as a cutting-edge manufacturer.

Read how Clint’s two-step strategy allowed him to grow his business to the point where he could add the machine of his dreams – the DATRON neo.

“I went from zero to running the new control in just 3 days! And it’s a major productivity boost to have the 3D probe and such fast changeover between vacuum and fixtures jobs.”