DATRON Dynamics

Lightweight, Industrial CNC Machine Design for Long-Term Quality and Durability

With such a wide range of CNC machines on the market and an even larger number of applications for those machines, it’s logical that there’s a relative number of methods for chassis construction.

Machine comparison can be problematic when manufacturers try to be everything to everyone. For example, some makers of large-tool CNC machines tout the added capability of being able to run small microtools … and they can. But, if you manufacture mostly small parts, this paper should prevent you from paying for both weight and bulk that you simply don’t need.

“For manufacturers specializing in the production of small parts, a microtooling CNC machine featuring a concrete-polymer chassis, or one that combines concrete polymer with steel, provides both the vibration dampening qualities and long-term durability required to support continuous production and accuracy.”

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DATRON Dynamics

Limited Time Only 4.99%

Lease Financing Available!

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