DATRON Dynamics

Automatic Tool Management for Superior Quality, Efficiency and Reduced Waste

There are several different elements in discussing tooling checks and verification, and they need to be explained for clarification’s sake. First of all is the concept of tooling check and verification. This concept describes the ability of a high-speed machine to conduct spot checks of its micro-tools, verify that they are intact, and, if not, to correct the matter.

Micro-tools are defined as mills and drills a ¼” diameter or less. They are fragile and therefore come with their own particular needs. Such tools work best with high-speed spindles. High-speed machining has no one fixed, standard parameter or definition, but for the purposes of this paper can be defined as machining with spindle speeds of 25,000 RPM or more.

“By using an advanced control like the one detailed here, tool changes and tool measurements are done swiftly and accurately, ensuring maximum quality control. This permits unattended milling without compromising downtime which otherwise would happen on any other type of machining system.”

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DATRON Dynamics

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