North American representative offering high-speed CNC milling machines manufactured in Germany.

DATRON AG in Germany manufactures high speed CNC milling machines, machining centers, engraving machhines and cutting tools. GERMANY
Electronics part machining for heat sinks, housings, enclosures, test fixtures, adapters, connectors, PCB and thermal management using Datron high speed CNC machining centers

Machining Electronics Parts

DATRON knows electronics manufacturing and everything about the development and production of electronics components because we were founded as an electronics company almost 40 years ago. So, it's only logical that as we became a pioneer of high-speed CNC milling and engraving machines that we'd develop a piece of equipment that is perfectly suited to our needs as an electronics company. Logically, the equipment that we've developed for ourselves is ideal for machining electronics parts. Typical parts include, enclosures and housings, front panels, PCB, test fixtures, test sockets, adapters, connectors, heat sinks and the milling of G10, FR4, Delrin, Torlon, copper and EMI-proof aluminum.


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