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DATRON not only manufactures high-speed milling machines, but also offers a complete line of universally compatible high-speed milling tools. In fact, DATRON is the only German machine builder to design and manufacture our own line of balanced CNC cutting tools for high-speed machining. If you’re machining at 15,000 RPM or above, using tools that are specifically designed for high-speed machining is simply more efficient and cost-effective.

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Stepped Single Flute End Mill

Glass-like Surface Finish

DATRON’s Stepped Single Flute End Mill provides a powerful combination of high-volume material removal without sacrificing the surface finish. The large chip channel quickly evacuates chips while the wiper flat delivers a smooth finish.

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Hear From People Using DATRON Tools

Bill Rogers, Director of Manufacturing
Ellis & Ellis Sign Systems
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We saw the exceptional performance of DATRON tools being used with the DATRON machine in terms of cut quality and tool life, so we decided that we'd give them a try on some of our larger machines. In terms of tool life, we're looking at an improvement of about 3 to 1 which is a big cost saving over time.
Glenn Parent, Site Supervisor
Glenn Parent, Site Supervisor
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I started with a 6mm polished single flute end mill and it was just amazing. I was going through 5-6 per sheet of plexiglass and brand new the quality of the cut from the Onsrud tools is nowhere near the quality that I got from the DATRON tools.
Scott Ladue, Manufacturing Supervisor
Scott Ladue, Manufacturing Supervisor
Haydon Kerk
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DATRON tools are excellent. We don’t buy a lot because they last a long time and the operator pushes them as fast as the machine will go.

DATRON Cutting Tools are Trusted by the Biggest Names Around the World

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