Quick-Pallets reduce setup time from 30 minutes to 30 seconds.
When placing the Quick-Pallet on the machining bed, you will find the same spot every time, all the time. Quick-Pallets are keyed using a beveled boss-in-cavity system to insure location repeatability. A small vacuum pump is required to hold the Quick-Pallet in place during machining operations. Datron’s new machines are available from the factory with the Quick-Pallet receptacles and the vacuum pump pre-installed. Having workholding built into the machining system provides for optimal cost savings and the utmost flexibility. Quick-Pallets come in different sizes and configurations. Whether you need a workholding vise or a custom tray configuration for fast pallet changes, Quick-Pallets offer a fast and cost-effective solution. Now, changing a job only involves removing the pallet, sweeping the surface, and installing the new pallet – a process that takes about 12 seconds.
Lightweight manual pallet changers facilitate quick job change over
Vacumate – workholding for flat & thin workpieces.
The new VacuMate™ from Datron is designed to swiftly and efficiently secure flat workpieces to the bed of a machining system. Thin stock, which could be secured only with great difficulties before, is now secured literally within seconds. Quickly secure plastic foils as thin as 0.001”, to 0.250” large aluminum sheets. Here’s how it works:

A vacuum pump provides vacuum power for the system to work. A vacuum table features airflow-optimized vacuum ports, with recessed vacuum chambers, to provide superior vacuum distribution. A low cost gas-permeable substrate serves as a sacrificial vacuum diffuser, allowing the cutter to machine through the workpiece, without cutting into the table.
VacuMate vacuum tables allow you to secure even the thinest flatest workpieces during machining ... cookie cut away!
Quick-Clamp – secure, fast, easy.
This proprietary workholding technology from Datron features pneumatic , shortstroke clamps that minimizes setup time for redundant processes. The user-friendly, one-button operation allows the user to open and close the clamp with one hand while the free hand sets the workpiece. Plus, your investment is protected by "sacrificial jaws" that can be removed and replaced when they get worn or marred over time.
Pneumatic clamping systems reduce setup and maximize location repeatability
For additional information contact Datron Dynamics directly at 1.888.262.2833.
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