What is High Speed Machining?

High speed machining a batch of aluminum enclosures from sheet material.

DATRON high speed machining centers are employed by thousands of manufacturers worldwide in countless applications – milling, drilling and engraving a wide range of different materials. From medical device manufacturers milling intricate printed circuit boards (PCB) for pacemakers to firearm manufacturers engraving serialization and branding on steel gun parts. Therefore, it seems clear that you can’t define “high speed machining” by identifying a particular industry, application or even material.

Further, there are some misconceptions regarding the purpose of high speed machining and the strategies involved. In contemporary business we all have an inclination to go “faster”. Faster implies efficiency and time savings…and time is money. But the origins and impetus for the development of high speed CNC machining technology are much more multifaceted than simply wanting to produce higher quantities of parts in a shorter period of time.

So, to demystify high speed machining and to answer the questions and correct the misconceptions detailed above, we are presenting a High Speed Machining White Paper as a Free Download. This White Paper defines high-speed machining as well as the micro tooling often used in high-speed machining applications. It also sheds light on some of the strategies used in high-speed machining, the physics involved, required CNC machine dynamics and the available technology. Additionally, specific examples are included that provide tooling types along with the feeds and speeds used to achieve exceptional results.

Download the High Speed Machining with Micro Tools White Paper