DATRON micro toothed end mills for milling abrasive composite materials like glass filled plastic

Micro-toothed End Mills


Abrasive materials, such as CRP, GRP or printed circuit
board material can be reliably machined at low cost
with the micro-toothed end mills from DATRON.

These tools have a high tool life even with extremely abrasive materials due to micro toothing and specialty coatings like:

X.CEED - Hardness, oxidation-resistance and thermal stability. Optimized for use in hard and high-speed


Download a cutting tool brochure that shows micro toothed end mills and other high speed milling tools

Materials commonly used in the electronics industry can contain abrasive materials such as glass and graphite as a means of reinforcing plastics, for example. DATRON has developed specialty coatings for our cutting tools that make the machining of these materials more efficient. Click here for more info.
Materials that are best cut with high speed micro tooth end mills

Download the DATRON high speed milling tool catalog to find mocro toothed end millsDownload Micro Toothed End Mills Catalog

Why Use DATRON Tools

German made for highest quality and efficiency in high speed milling

Quality and Precision "Made in Germany"
Our tools are manufactured on top-of-the-line, fully automatic grinding machines and made from the highest grade of solid carbide available, which results in consistent quality and an excellent price-to-efficiency ratio.

As a manufacturer of high-speed CNC machining centers, cutting technology has always been a primary focus of our research. That's because the design and quality of tooling often determines the efficiency and quality of the machining process.

Using the finest carbide, our tools are specifically optimized for high speed machining. Our tools are available with various cutting lengths, shank diameters, specialty coatings (for extended tool life) and balancing for high speed.