Micro Tool Geometry


Optimized for High Speed Machining.

Turn-key high-speed CNC machining solutionsLow-Helical Angle:
First and foremost, DATRON developes micro tools that feature a low helical angle. With this low helical angle these small tools are less suceptible breakage because less of the axial load applied to the tool is translated into torque.

Single Vs. Double Flute:
We also recommend that whenever possible customers use tools with a single flute rather than a double flute. That's because single-fluted tools provide increased chip room that facilitates chip evacuation, minimizes chip load and minimizes tool breakage. That said there are times when the need for a quality surface finish outweigh the need for speed — and in these instances, double-fluted tools are the way to go.

Cutting Length:
With micro tools it's best to keep the tool length to a minimum. The shorter the cutting length the more stable the tool. The more stable the tool, the faster you can run it ... and after all, in high-speed machining with micro tools we want to go ... well, high speed., right? Plus, this short cutting length typically produces better surface finishes.

Why Use DATRON Tools

Quality and Precision "Made in Germany"
Our tools are manufactured on top-of-the-line, fully automatic grinding machines and made from the highest grade of solid carbide available, which results in consistent quality and an excellent price-to-efficiency ratio.

As a manufacturer of high-speed CNC machining centers, cutting technology has always been a primary focus of our research. That's because the design and quality of tooling often determines the efficiency and quality of the machining process.

Using the finest carbide, our tools are specifically optimized for high speed machining. Our tools are available with various cutting lengths, shank diameters, specialty coatings (for extended tool life) and balancing for high speed.