Counter plate milling tools from DATRON are optimized for cutting counter plate materials like steel and phenolic

Counter Plate Milling Tools



Steel counter plate milling tools from DATRON feature a specialty coating for milling with a high qiality surface finish

Tools for Steel Sheet Material and counter plates machined from steel sheets. The optimized cutting geometry of DATRON tools guarantees the highest-quality surface finish. A highly-abrasive X.CEED coating (optional) maximizes tool life and surface quality.

Milling Phenolic, Phertinax and other composite materials requires tools with optimized geometry and chip evacuation.

Tools for Composite Material and counter plates machined from composites like Pertinax. The special geometries and large flutes of these tools provides optimum chip evacuation and quality of cut.

Brass counter plate cutting tools with optimized edge radius for superior quality surfaces.

Tools for Brass and machining superior brass embossing dies.
For machining 3D surfaces, DATRON offers radius end mills, single flute end mills, and engraving tools. All made with a VHM Edge Radius yielding high-quality surface finishes.

Milled Counter Plates made on DATRON high speed CNC machining centers and counter plate cutting tools

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Why Use DATRON Tools

Quality and Precision "Made in Germany"
Our tools are manufactured on top-of-the-line, fully automatic grinding machines and made from the highest grade of solid carbide available, which results in consistent quality and an excellent price-to-efficiency ratio.

As a manufacturer of high-speed CNC machining centers, cutting technology has always been a primary focus of our research. That's because the design and quality of tooling often determines the efficiency and quality of the machining process.

Using the finest carbide, our tools are specifically optimized for high speed machining. Our tools are available with various cutting lengths, shank diameters, specialty coatings (for extended tool life) and balancing for high speed.